Mission & Vision


Calvary Chapel Bible College Eurasia provides a hands-on, immersive, missions-centric environment that exists to further the Great Commission by training students of all ages to go into the world with the message of God’s desire to reconcile all people to Himself through Jesus.


For the last 25 years, God has called us at Calvary Chapel Bible College Eurasia (CCBCE) to be a bridge connecting students from their home cultures into dynamic, world-impacting ministries. CCBCE exists to train and equip people of all ages to effectively live out the Great Commission. As they are going into the nations, our students are communicating God’s desire to reconcile the world to Himself through their own gospel-centered lives, through the making of disciples, and through the establishment of vibrant, life-giving churches that bring glory to Jesus.

Spiritually, our calling is to teach students and to model an in-depth study of God’s Word, to disciple students personally with a dedicated staff who have been involved in international missions for decades, and to provide these critical elements of growth within an environment that is conducive to experiencing God in worship, prayer, and close community.

Practically, we mobilize our students into ministry through frequent and focused evangelistic outreach experiences within the urban context of Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as in the four nations bordering Georgia and beyond. The unique geographical location of CCBCE allows us to partner with local and international churches and their leadership so that students can gain hands-on experience and mentor in the environment of new and existing church plants.

We believe that Christ is the bridge reconciling people to God, and as ambassadors of Christ and His Church, we are called to proclaim the message that “God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them.” As our students are growing and being conformed to the image of Christ, the true bridge, they are becoming equipped as instruments of His divine love to take this great news of reconciliation into the whole world.