Transfer Students

For all transferred and petitioned credits, approval is contingent upon the Bible College Registrar’s Office. Regardless of the amount of credits petitioned or transferred: a minimum of 30 class credits and the 30 credit thesis must be completed through Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe.

Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer credit will be awarded for accredited university-level work successfully completed, that is also congruent with the CCBCE Bachelor’s degree program.  University-level work successfully completed, at a non-accredited postsecondary institution, will be reviewed on an individual basis.

*If you are transferring from another CCBC campus, please contact the admissions office directly at Credits from other CCBC campuses will only be accepted if the credit value of each course taken is equivalent to that of the CCBCE courses offered.

For transfer consideration, you must supply official transcripts from all colleges or institutions.  Please request that transcripts are sent directly to CCBCE admissions office for review and consideration at this address:

CCBCE Admissions Office
Petőfi Sándor utca 562
7041 Vajta, Hungary


  1. The Admissions Office, in conjunction with the CCBCE director’s authority, bears the responsibility of determining what does, and what does not, qualify as a transfer credit.
  2. Only courses with a minimum grade of  “C-” (2.00, and/or the equivalent) will be considered.
  3. In reviewing the eligibility of course work from a postsecondary institution for transfer credit, the following criteria are considered:
    1. The institution, college, or program that has awarded the credit.
    2. The content of the course as it matches with the content of the equivalent CCBCE course.
    3. The credit value of the course, in congruence with the credit value of each CCBCE course.
  4. Transfer credits, if approved, will be applied on a student’s permanent record after a student has been enrolled.
  5. Those approved credits will be applied in the order prescribed on the graduation worksheet.

Dual Enrolment Policy

Students who desire to graduate with their GTF Bachelor’s degree program but wish to study at an affiliate CCBC campus rather than CCBCE, are able to simultaneously do both. With our dual enrolment program, students are able to complete their classes at affiliate campuses while transferring their credits into CCBCE’s Bachelor Degree Program.


  1. Students will need to be accepted into CCBCE’s Bachelor program. To view our application process, click here.
  2. At the start of each semester dual enrolment students will be enrolled in one online course through CCBCE to ensure they remain active and reaffirm their intent to study through CCBCE.
  3. Credits from CCBC affiliate campuses will only be transferred over if the course content and credit value parallel that of CCBCE.
  4. At the end of each semester, students will send their semester transcripts to in order for the credits to be counted in the Bachelor’s program.
  5. Any required CCBCE courses not offered at affiliate campuses will need to be completed through CCBCE’s distance-learning program.

Petition for Course Recognition

In some cases, some applicants are already serving in various ministries around the world.  In such cases, one may apply for course recognition on the basis of ministry experience.

  1. You may request a Petition for Course Recognition Form by emailing (One for every course you are petitioning).
  2. When filling out the form, please be as detailed as possible.
  3. You may make your submission via scan and email or regular post.  We request all accompanying notes or documentation be submitted with your form(s).
  4. Credits, if approved, will be applied on a student’s permanent record after a student has been enrolled.
  5. Those credits will be applied in the order prescribed on the graduation worksheet.


The fee for petitioned credits is $55 per credit.