Student Life

Tbilisi, Georgia is a bustling, international capital and attending Calvary Chapel Bible College Eurasia is a cross-cultural experience. Student life takes place among the beautiful city districts enriched with historical landmarks, cultural events, live music, the arts, and so much more that has the savoir-faire and cultured charm from the nation’s Eurasian influences.

Ministry opportunities are available right at your fingertips while serving alongside Calvary Chapel Tbilisi as well as in the surrounding countries. This also opens the door of opportunity for networking with different ministries such as serving the poor and needy, teaching English to international students from many nations, ministering to refugees, gypsies, or just hitting the streets and sharing the Gospel with everyone around you!

Here is some general information on student life at CCBCE.


It is very important that you let us know your arrival information well in advance so that a CCBCE representative can meet you upon arrival. Provide your arrival date, time, and location (airport or train station) as soon as possible. Be sure to include your airline carrier, flight number, and departure city. Once you arrive, look for the “CCBCE” sign. Someone from the Bible college will be there waiting for you.

Upon your acceptance to CCBCE, we will provide you phone numbers via email to call if anything unforeseen happens in your travel plans, such as your flight arrives early or is delayed. These numbers will be available all throughout the semester. If your luggage gets lost during your flight and the carrier asks you for your address in Tbilisi for later delivery, the best option is to give the address of the Bible college office.

The Bible college representative will take you to your apartment in Tbilisi, and we will provide you with an orientation of your neighborhood.

For details regarding married housing and housing for families please request additional details at


The currency used in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL). Current exchange rates are easily found online.

Some important things to make money matters easier and safer:
Bring a bank card (MasterCard, Maestro, or Visa get the best exchange rates). Check with your home bank about charges for withdrawals abroad. ATM machines are widely available in Tbilisi. Please note, most supermarkets, shops, and restaurants accept MasterCard and Visa.

If you are coming from the US, we recommend you do not change money there as the exchange rates are much better at the Georgian banks and exchange counters. Personal checks and traveler’s checks are not accepted in Georgia, we recommend that you use your bank card.

Please visit our Tuition & Fees page for more information regarding finances.

Public Transportation and Taxis

Tbilisi offers outstanding public transportation. There are buses, trolleybuses, and the metro (subway). It is well organized and very reliable. You can reach every part of the city at all hours. It is also very easy to walk around Tbilisi and generally safer than major cities in the US.

Tickets for public transportation can be purchased at most stops and underground metro stations. There are many options, including tickets for a single-use, daily tickets, group tickets, and monthly passes.

For more information and the map of the public transport system of Georgia see this website: TTC.

Taking a cab is safe with Bolt, Yandex, and major cab companies. Avoid cabs not displaying the logo of a known company. Agree on the price you will pay before you get in the car. The most affordable and convenient options are Bolt and Yandex. Download one of the apps and order transportation through it. Put in your destination address and it displays the cost before requesting the journey. The payment is made through the application as well.

Cell Phones

We highly recommend you get a Georgian cell number as soon as you arrive in Tbilisi. The best option is to bring a carrier-unlocked phone and buy a SIM card once in Tbilisi. Phones can also be purchased once you arrive.

The two most popular cellular providers in Georgia are MagtiCom (Magti) and Geocell; you can buy a SIM card in any of their shops. You only need your passport and an unlocked phone to purchase a SIM card.