Distance Learning

CCBCE offers a program of study for those individuals that want to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in Theology but for various reasons are unable to attend the college full-time. Students are able to complete the entire program (six semesters worth of classes) from their homes, giving them the opportunity to partake in ministry, work, family life, and other responsibilities where they are currently living. Distance-learning students are required to attend the Hungary campus at the end of the six-semesters to defend their thesis and graduate.


  • The next entry point into the distance-learning program is September 2017.
  • The application must be submitted no later than July 15, 2017.


  • Fees are $55 per credit.
  • The student is responsible to purchase any books and materials required for each class.
  • There is no financial refund after the add/drop date of each semester.
  • Students will not receive any credit until all fees are paid in full.


  • The distance-learning program is designed for students to graduate with their Bachelor’s degree at their own pace.
  • Distance-learning students can graduate within three years by taking 30 credits per semester, or they can draw out their graduation by taking fewer credits each semester.


To enroll in the Distance-Learning program please fill out the application found at this link: https://ccbce.formstack.com/forms/gtfapplication.