Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe is in a strategic place to serve the thousands of refugees that are crossing the border into Hungary every day. Many of you are aware of the global crisis that has been centering in Hungary. CCBCE has been responding throughout the summer with weekly outreaches to different cities. As the crisis has reached a critical moment we at CCBCE are in a unique place to serve the refugees and first responders in a real and tangible way.

How Can You Help?

We can’t understate the value of God’s people praying!

Giving Financially.
The needs are changing daily but the one constant is the need for money to purchase necessities.

We are partnering with Calvary Chapels to meet the needs of the refugees from Serbia to Austria. Our staff and students are dedicated to getting supplies into the hands of these desperate families. Some refugees are stuck in makeshift camps on the Serbian and Hungarian border. Some are overflowing into the train stations in Budapest while others are filling up refugee camps all over Hungary.

We do not know how long this window of ministering to these families will last, but we are providing hundreds of blankets, clothes, bottles of water, food, and simple shelter items as we have resources. They are extremely complex issues but our role is to love the one right in front of us. Our hope and pray is God will impact many through these practical acts of kindness.

It has been almost impossible to preach the gospel in many parts of the Middle East due to the rise of radical Islam. Now we are faced with a situation where thousands of immigrants are fleeing that part of the world looking for safety. We are trusting that God will let us bring eternal hope through meeting practical needs.

All money donated to the refugee outreach will be used to further the gospel in real and tangible ways. We are spending money every day on gas and supplies trying to reach people on the front lines. With your help we look to mobilize as many students, staff, and churches as possible to meet their needs. This is a special opportunity to love these people as they flee tyranny and tragedy.

Let us, the Church, His body, do all of these things unto the least of these, as we do unto Him. Your tax-deductible donation will come through our 501c3 Sponsor International which exists to support missions and ministry through Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe.

There are many perspectives to consider but the words of Jesus seem appropriate right now, “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to Me.’” (Matthew 25:40)