Important Dates

Fall 2022 Dates

Student Arrivals: August 31-September 1
Orientation and Registration: September 2
First day of classes: September 5
Graduation: December 16
Student Departures: December 17-18

Fall semester registration deadline: July 31, 2022

Spring 2022 Dates

Student Arrivals: February 2-3
Orientation and Registration: February 4
First day of classes: February 7
Graduation: May 20
Student Departures: May 21-22

Covid details and travel info:
The border of Georgia is currently open with some restrictions.  Almost anyone who has been fully vaccinated may enter the country without restrictions.  Unvaccinated travelers are allowed from most countries, but they must come with a recent (72 hours prior to boarding their flight) negative PCR test and get another PCR test in country, at their own expense, on the 3rd day of their stay in Georgia.
Info current as of November 24, 2021 – source: