Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe [Golgota Teológiai Föiskola] received its accreditation in September 2010 by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The European Higher Education Area ensures more comparable, compatible, and coherent systems of higher education in Europe. It is a unified standard that European colleges and universities have agreed upon. Some of the set guidelines that all member countries and colleges must meet are as follows:

  • Equal calculation of credit values.
  • Identical length of education study time.
  • Identical credit requirements.

By Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe receiving its accreditation from the European Higher Education Area, our degree is transferrable between any other university in Europe or the United States who observe the same criteria.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe uses the ECTS credit system.

Bachelor Degree Defined

In the United States, there are two recognized positions of Bachelor degrees in relation to Theology: a Bachelor in Theology (BTh) and a Bachelor of Art in Theology (BATh). The Bachelor in Theology can be received without any pre-requisites. However, The Bachelor of Art in Theology requires at least one year of basic education courses to be taken before the degree can be earned.

If a student desires to complete a Master Degree in Theology through a school of higher education in the United States, they will more than likely be required to posses a Bachelor of Art in Theology at enrollment. This will require a student holding a Bachelor in Theology to supplement their degree by completing a certain amount of Bachelor level basic education courses prior to entering into a Master’s program.

Credit Transfers

Regarding the transfer of credits, the EHEA has a strict system with multiple requirements. If all requirements are met, the student should have no issue transferring their credits. We are unable to transfer credits to schools that do not recognize the EHEA criteria unless said university complies with an agreement requiring them to apply the EHEA standards. Many universities in The United States are required to have a certain number of students who have received higher education from a university in a foreign nation. A degree from an accredited university in Europe is impressive and memorable on applications for Master’s programs.