A Vision for Life

Gain Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.” – Proverbs 29:18

What is AVFL?

AVFL is a six-week youth discipleship program based out of Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary. Every summer students from around the world come together as one team for 40 days to unplug from the world and plug into Jesus. For the past 14 years, the Lord has been radically using this program to encourage, empower, and equip our students for their life and for their future ministry.


Throughout the six weeks of the program, the students will learn to prioritize worship, prayer, and personal devotional time in God’s Word. These are foundational needs in the life of a believer and our aim is to teach the students that the only way to truly gain a vision for their life is by learning to constantly reach up toward Christ Himself.


Monday through Friday the students will be spending their mornings studying the Word of God with our team of pastors and teachers. These hours are focused on answering the tough questions this generation is facing, solidifying the foundations of their faith.

Their weekday evenings are filled with various events focused around discipleship and fellowship. We have purposefully immersed them in this discipleship-intensive environment so they might have the opportunity to see the things in their hearts that God wants to address. As they reach up toward Him, He reaches into them and faithfully uproots the things that are keeping them from Him.


The weekday afternoons are spent in preparation for evangelism and outreach. The students will be equipped with practical tools for outreach by learning various skits, learning how to do street evangelism, learning to share their testimony, organizing different outreach events, and more.

After reaching up toward Jesus and allowing Him to reach into our hearts throughout the week, the weekends are spent reaching out to those in Europe who do not know the hope we have found in Christ.

Each week will coincide with ministry and an outreach trip. We will visit five different countries and partner with Calvary Chapel missionaries and churches throughout this area of Europe. Our goal is that the students don’t just learn about missions, but they truly live it! They will participate in street evangelism, vacation bible schools, gypsy ministry, orphanages, practical service, and so much more. They will learn to get out of their comfort zones and share their faith. People will get saved, lives will be changed, and the Kingdom will be strengthened!

The past 14 years of A Vision for Life has produced lasting fruit as each student grows in the Word, steps out in ministry, and allows the Lord to impact their lives as they impact others. This is a great opportunity for them to grow, be equipped for the future, and to gain God’s vision for their lives.

Encourage the youth in your life to consider thinking bigger this summer. Encourage them to ask the Lord, “What is Your vision for my life?”

What is God’s vision for your life?

The arrival dates for AVFL 2019 are June 20-21 and departures will be August 03-04 (subject to change).
Space is limited! If you have any questions or would like to apply, we would be happy to correspond with you. Email us directly at avfl@ccbce.com.