Does CCBCE offer housing for married couples or families?

  • Because our campus also operates as a conference center, CCBCE welcomes--and is able to accomodate--both couples and families.  We believe that families add a unique dynamic to every semester, benefiting other student families and single students alike.

Can family and/or friends visit me at CCBCE?

  • CCBCE welcomes visits by family members or friends.  There are certain times of the semester which are extra open for family: during the semester speaker's week, and the long holiday weekend (Thanksgiving weekend and Easter weekend annually). For more information please contact

How do I receive mail?

Campus address:
Campus address:
  • If you are receiving a package, please ensure that the sender has clearly written your name on the package or letter.  
  • If they are mailling you a package, they will be required to complete a customs form.  
    • When completing the contents section, please ensure that--if applicable--they write "GIFT - NOT FOR RESALE".  
    • If a value over $40 is noted, you may be charged on the receiving end by Hungarian customs.  
    • In order to prevent theft, please ensure that they DO NOT include cash in any package or letter. 
  • Depending on the sending location, delivery method, and mailing options; packages can take anywhere from five days to four weeks.

How will I know my child has arrived safely?

  • Upon arrival to campus each student will receive a temporary phone code so they may contact their loved ones.
  • The travel time from the Budapest airport to the campus in Vajta is approximately two hours.  Please note, that during the student arrival period, there may be delays in arrival times to campus due to the number of arrivals coupled with varying arrival times.

Who is CCBCE accredited by?

  • Golgota Teológiai Föiskola (Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe) has been accredited by The Ministry of Education and Culture in the Republic of Hungary, a member of the European Higher Education Area (operational permit number: OH-FHF/1819-8/2009).

    • In basic terms, we are accredited by the Hungarian Ministry of Education, under the authority of the European Union (EU) to offer a B.A. in Theology.

Are the credits completed transferable to other schools?  Is the degree recognized in the United States?

  • Regarding what is or is not transferable, is at the discretion of the individual school or university one is seeking to transfer to.  In such cases, one will need to make an inquiry with the potential school or university.
  • Similarly, it is at the discretion of the individual school, university, or workplace, to determine how, or to what capacity they recognize the degree.  However, because the degree is recognized under European Union (EU) standards, it bears substantial consideration.

Are the credits from other schools transferable into the program?

  • Depending on the content, credit value, and curriculum of each course or institution; we review each transfer request after a course recognition form has been completed and submitted along with offical transcripts.  Transfer requests are approved on a case-by-case basis.

If I graduated from another CCBC campus, are all 80 credits transferable?

  • Generally, we say most CCBC credits are transferable.  The reason we say most, is because some classes are not part of the accredited program.  Also, if credit values differ, there may be supplementary assignments taken through CCBCE to fulfill the credit differential.  Click here for a Graduation Worksheet to review graduation requirements.

How long is the program?

  • The program is five semesters of coursework (100 credits), plus one semester consisting of a thesis assignment (valued at 20 credits).  This is a total of six semesters or three years.
  • For transfer students, the three year graduation clock begins at the point of registration (every fall semester). 

When is the application deadline?

  • All applications must be received by January 15th.
  • If you require an entry visa into Hungary, you will need to apply at least 90 days prior to the semester start date.
  • If you are beginning or continuing the CCBC program, you may apply for either spring or fall semester.
  • Check our payment options here.

When are the registration dates for the Distance Learning program?

  • Registration for classes via distance learning must occur prior to the following two entry points annually:
    • February 2nd
    • September 1st 


How can I access the internet?

  • CCBCE has wireless internet access across campus.  There are certain websites that are restricted.

Will I need a laptop computer?

  • If possible, we recommend all students bring a laptop.  If you are not able to bring one, there are desktop computers available for students to use.  There are eight computers in one of our two libraries, and three computers in the coffee shop. 

Will my iPod, iPhone, or iPad work on campus?

  • iPods, iPhones, and/or iPads will work on campus with some application limitations.

Do I need a converter and/or adapter for my personal electronics?

  • We highly advise that you bring adapters and/or a converter in order to enable your electronic(s) and electrical item(s) to be compatible with Hungary's electricity.  
    • Converters are more expensive than adapters.  Additionally, they are difficult to find once you are here.  Most hair dryers, curling irons, etc. will need a converter.
    • Adapters are available for purchase in our coffee shop.  Most laptops, iPods or MP3 players, and digital cameras may only require an adapter.
  • In order to determine whether you will need a converter or adapter: 
    • Check the transformer on your electronic or electric item to idenitfy the range of electricity.
    • If it indicates 110-240v, an adapter is sufficient
    • Failure to use the proper conversion accessory will result in malfunction.

What personal items should I bring?

  • Please&nbspclick here for a list of what to bring.

Do I need to bring my own bedding and towels?

  • You will not need to bring bedding, as they will be provided for you.  Should you choose to, you may bring your own bedding and linens.
  • Linens are switched out every two to three weeks.
  • It is recommended that you bring your own towel(s), or you may purchase a towel after you arrive in Hungary.

I don't feel called to be a missionary, am I still required to go on outreaches/mission trips?

  • Outreaches are required for all students.  We can't say enough regarding the degree of impact outreaches have on each student.

Are there required textbooks for classes?

  • You will need to select two books, and complete two book reports from the Book Report List (updated Fall 2011).
  • Textbook requirements will vary from semester to semester, depending on the classes taught, teachers, etc.  
  • Prior to each semester the required textbook list will be sent out to each student.

How do I pay my tuition?

  • Check our payment options here. This will contain all methods of payment for completing your transactions.  Should you have any questions, please email our accounting office at

What are some other costs not included in tuition?

  • Outreaches: will vary depending on outreach locations.
  • Visa: plan on a minimum of $130 for a visa/residence permit.
    • Not applicable for citizens of the European Union. However, you will need to obtain a registration card  upon arrival (approximately 25€).
    • Applicable to new CCBCE students (unless otherwise renewing a visa)
  • Transportation: depending on when you arrive, and mode of transport.  Can be a minimum of $30 per person/each way.  *Fees will be covered if tuition is paid-in-full by the tuition deadline
  • Phone: $5 time codes are available for purchase in the coffee shop.
  • Laundry: The price for one load of wash is $1.75.  The price for one load of drying is $1.75.  You have the option to hang dry clothes in designated areas.

What's the best way to access my money while in Hungary?

  • The easiest and most efficient method to obtain money is via ATM.  Please note, most banks charge an ATM transaction fee and have a maximum daily withdrawal amount.  In order to prevent your card from being deactivated, please notify your bank and let them know that you will be making international withdrawals/transactions.