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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe (CCBCE) offers a three-year accredited Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology. The program is designed to equip students with a biblical foundation for following Jesus and serving Him.

With an emphasis on making disciples, students are afforded the opportunities of studying through the Bible, cross-cultural fellowship, and serving others. With a desire to reach the nations, students will participate in various outreaches throughout Europe and beyond.

Two-year Bible College Program

The two-year bible college program is in conjunction with Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC) campuses worldwide. Students may elect to study one or multiple semesters at CCBCE. From it's inception, CCBC campuses have sought to be a place where committed Christians can learn the Word of God, draw closer to Jesus, and be equipped to serve Him.

Transfer credit will be awarded for university-level work successfully completed, that is congruent with the degree program.

Application Process

In order to apply, please complete the online application, reference, and passport information forms. Links to other helpful forms may also be found in the list below.

New Applicants

Complete an application for admission, including autobiographical information that explains your testimony of when, and how you came to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

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  1. As part of your application packet, you will be required to submit three reference forms (one pastoral reference and two personal references).
  2. Submit application, references, and $25 non-refundable application fee.
    Check our payment options here.
  3. Submit a copy of your secondary education (high school, gymnasium, GED, matura, A-level, Reifeprüfung, Abitur, Leaving Certificate, etc.) completion certificate or diploma.
  4. Submit an official copy of your secondary education grade cards or transcripts.
  5. Submit three official passport-size photos of yourself.
*Please note, that the only entry point into the bachelor's program occurs annually in September.

Transfer Students

To transfer to CCBCE please click here for more information.

All CCBC students continuing the two-year or three-year program at CCBCE, please complete the CCBCE Application and submit the $25 application fee here.

Calvary Chapel Bible College

Visa Info

If you hold a European Union or Schengen Zone passport you will not need a visa. However, you will need to obtain a registration card (approximately 25€) upon arrival.

For all other passports you will be required to obtain a Hungarian visa or residence permit. Each student must have a valid passport for a minimum of six months beyond the duration of your studies at CCBCE.

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The average cost can range from $130 to $160. Other visa associated fees are: any postage for mailing any required documentation, cost of three passport-sized photos.

Depending on the passport you possess, you may be required to obtain a visa prior to entering Hungary. If this is the case you must apply and be accepted 90 days before orientation. In these cases, the application deadline for the upcoming semester is MAY 25. (Those possessing a United States passport will NOT need a visa prior to arriving in Hungary. You will obtain a visa/residence permit upon arrival.)

Once your application packet has been received (pending acceptance), we will contact you with further information. FOR FURTHER VISA RELATED INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT OUR VISA OFFICE AT or check our payment options here.

Graduation Requirements

  • Candidates for graduation must complete a total of 180 credits.
  • Credit Breakdown: 127 credits of Core Requirements, 23 credits of Electives, and 30 credit Thesis Paper

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  • No grade below a "C-" will be credited toward graduation
  • Transferring Credits: *Minimum of 20 US class credits must be taken through CCBCE.
  • Different from the two-year (CCBC) curriculum, there is a specific order to which classes must be taken. The European system deals with classes in terms of years, rather than semesters. For example, in high school or secondary school, one is required to fulfill the requirements of Algebra I prior to taking Algebra II. In the same manner, classes must be taken in a series. If year one classes (semesters one and two) are not completed, you cannot move on to year two classes. Failure to complete the classes in the specified order can delay graduation by one year (or more).


Distance Learning

CCBCE offers a program of study for those individuals that want to grow in the knowledge of God's Word, but for various reasons are unable to attend the Bible college full-time.

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CCBCE's Distance Learning program is designed for those wanting to take a few courses for personal benefit, to make up course credits, or fulfill required courses for graduation.

We highly recommend that a student attends at least one or two semesters on-campus. Much of the spiritual learning takes place out of the classroom in the cross-cultural experiences of living in a foreign country, among others from various backgrounds, and participating in outreach mission trips each semester. There is a unique spiritual dynamic that takes place when people gather together in one place to seek God and His will for their lives.


  • Fees are $55 per credit.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable application fee to enroll.
  • The student is responsible to purchase any books and materials required for each class.
  • There is no financial refund after the first two weeks of the start date.
  • Check our payment options here.


  • The next entry point into the distance learning program is September 2017. Applications and class registration must be received by July 15, 2017.

How To Enroll And Register For Classes

  • For the online registration form, please click here 
  • Mark the classes you wish to take for the semester
  • Calculate the tuition owed by multiplying the total number of credit hours you are taking by $55 per credit. 
  • Check our payment options here.
  • We will email you:
    • Class access information.
    • A confirmation of your semester start and end date.

Student Requirements

    • The distance learning program is designed for the student that can study independently. The student must be a self-starter, motivated and well organized in order to stay on track with the classes.
    • All assignments are to be completed by the student without the help of others. It is assumed that the student will act with integrity by doing his or her own work without cheating, copying or having others doing the work.
    • The student will receive a class syllabus. It will contain.....
      • An explanation of all the assignments that are required and the due dates for those assignments.
      • The name and email address of the class overseer who will grade the work. Any questions and all work will be directed to that person.
      • A list of any text books that are to be purchased and read.
    • All course work must be received on the due dates given in the class syllabus. Any final work must be received by the last day of the 4th month. Work received after that last day will not be accepted.

Application Process:


Dates & Tuition


September 6-7 | Student arrival dates

September 8-9 | Orientation & Registration

September 11 | Classes begin

December 15 | Graduation Ceremony

December 16-17 | Student departure dates


For CCBCE (on-campus) students.
From the United States
Single | $3200   SoM | $3700
Married Couple | $6000   SoM | $7000
Family | *Rate will vary based on family size
Returning Singles receive a discount of $100 (*cannot be combined with any other discounts)

From Western Europe
Single | 2900€  SoM | 3300€
Married Couple | 5400€  SoM | 6300€
Family | *Rate will vary based on family size
Returning Singles receive a discount of 100€ (*cannot be combined with any other discounts)

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Check our payment options here.

Financial scholarships? Limited financial scholarships are available for those applying from non-western countries. These are granted on a case-by-case basis. All students must make a contribution towards their tuition fees.


Tuition rate includes housing and meals for the duration of the semester.  Here is a general list of what is NOT included in the tuition fees (prices in US dollar):

  • Outreaches: will vary depending on outreach locations.
  • Visa: plan on a minimum of $130 for a visa/residence permit.
    • Not applicable for European Union citizens
    • Applicable to new CCBCE students (unless otherwise renewing a visa)
  • Transportation: depending on when you arrive, and mode of transport.  Can be a minimum of $30 per person/each way.
  • Laundry: The price for one load of wash is $1.75.  The price for one load of drying is $1.75.  You have the option to hang dry clothes in designated areas.


If the Fall 2017 Semester tuition is PAID-IN-FULL by August 19th, 2017 EARLY PAYMENT DEADLINE, you will receive the following:

  • Free transportation from Budapest Ferihegy Airport
    • Only eligible if student arrives and departs on the prescribed arrival and departure dates.  In the event that a student arrives or departs outside of those dates, we can assist students in arranging transportation.  In this case, the student will be resposible for all transportation fees
    • City pick-up not eligible
    • For families: traveling with children, please notify the office so we can bring proper car seat(s) for the child(ren)

In order to pay your deposit and/or tuition, check our payment options here.