Missions Training Program (MTP) is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe (CCBCE) in Vajta, Hungary.  The program involves two semesters of study and a 30-day outreach practicum. We seek to prepare those who believe God has called them into ministry on the foreign mission field.  

Two of the goals we have in mind for each student are:
  • That they would be rooted and grounded in God's Word.  More than a just a book, it is essential for ministry/missions preparation, as it starts and ends with Jesus as our prize.
  • We desire to be intensely practical in preparing students for the field.  This involves more than just sharing past experiences.  This also involves students making new experiences, by participating on various outreaches throughout Europe and beyond.

MTP DISTINCTIVES - On the field, for the field.

"I believe a missions training program, like the one offered through CCBCE, will send out people more prepared to face the challenges on the mission field, and will therefore be more fruitful in reaching the nations in the Name of Jesus."  

-Pam Markey (Missionary/MTP Director) 

Distinct Courses
There is a great deal of information on missions available, but that information takes on more value when it is applied and demonstrated in practical ways.  In addition to bible classes, one segment of the curriculum is the Missions Leadership course.  Some of the topics covered in this course are:
  • Challenges on the mission field
  • Different roles of a missionary
  • The importance of prayer
  • Spiritual warfare
MTP students will also spend a large amount of time learning a new language through the independent Language Study course. This time is used to not only study the language, but also the culture of the people group one senses God's call to.

MTP students participate on one 30-day outreach practicum. In addition, there is one 10-day outreach, and one weekend outreach requirement. However, there is various weekend outreach opportunities to take part in.

Families Welcome
In addition to single students, married couples and families are welcome at CCBCE. We believe this is a major benefit for not only the individual families, but for the student body as a whole.

For more information please contact CCBCE Admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.